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And, of course… Amos, the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Pigg”

It all started many years ago when I was but a little piglet.
Mom and Dad took us – the whole litter – to Santa Cruz, California on vacation.. 

I was the runt of the litter, and while everyone else was exploring the boardwalk and the beach,
I made a life-changing discovery.   KPIG.   Radio Station KPIG’s studios were right next to the boardwalk! 

I stood there for hours, with my little flat nose pressed up against the glass of the DJ booth.
I was in hog heaven!  I knew from that moment that when I grew up to be a boar I would be be a Radio DJ!

Wow!  I must have squealed WEEE WEEE WEEE all the way home!
I’m not a pigment of your imagination!   I’m Amos the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Pigg” on WCOG Radio!



Here’s some more information about me.
Favorite Music: The Eagles, The Beatles, The Turtles, The Byrds, Three Dog Night, The Stray Cats and The Animals
Favorite TV character : Arnold Ziffel
Favorite Grocery Store: Piggly-Wiggly
Favorite inspirational quote “Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin.”

Proudest moment: When I was on the cover of TIME Magazine
Hero: Dusty Dunn
Favorite Movie: Porky’s
Favorite Chinese Calendar: The Year of the Pig
My rap name: The Notorious  P. I. G.
Favorite Motorcycle: Harley-Davidson
Where you’ll find me: At my Pigg Pen
A fun afternoon: Pignic on the Blue Ridge Porkway
Favorite activity: Makin’ Bacon!